Sunday, October 18, 2009

South Padre Island

We left around 0930 for the beach. At 1100 we wanted to see the hula dancers. After we stopped for fuel, we were on our way. The ladies, Anne, Pat and I, kept the conversation flowing with occasional comments from the guys. The drive was very pleasant and for Jim and I we saw new parts of highways 83 and 100 because we've never been to this part of the Texas Coast.

It would have been the perfect day at the beach.....but red tide did us in. As soon as we got out of the truck all six of us started coughing and before we even saw the first sand sculpture we decided to get our pictures and leave.

sorry about two shots of this, Jim took the pictures and I couldn't decide which one was better!

One of my favorites, the shark is pulling down the pants off that pirate!

two parter, sponsors of the event

part two!

After seeing various folks wearing surgical masks and holding Kleenex to their faces I decided to do the same. After awhile everyone joined me. This is Vern, myself, Anne and Pat. Apparently I was supposed to hold the Kleenex to my face for this photo

We couldn't leave the shore without having some seafood so we stopped at Daddy's. We all had various shrimp and something dishes. Mine was scallops and I ordered a grilled dinner. Some had fried fish, some had oysters and some had all three! Except for Anne we all enjoyed a cold draft beer with our meal. If you're in the area we all recommend this restaurant. It reminded me of New Orleans flavors.

Vern and Pat

Anne and Scotty

After lunch we headed towards home. But we had to make a stop at Bobz World! Some of us like these typical beach stores. And we needed pictures and some ice cream.

This was my only picture! The reef out front is pretty and I like dolphins.
We had a good time but we had planned on staying longer. We packed our coolers with cold drinks and brought our chairs. Maybe next time....
We had red beans and rice for dinner...Thanks Sonsearae for the idea. Of course she probably made hers, I just opened a can! Of course I cooked the rice, la de dah!
Jim has been playing games with his headset on and I'm watching the Food Network, The next Iron Chef and I'll watch Iron Chef America next.
Hope your day was a good one!
The Saints won again......