Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lovely Day

After the rains of last night I awoke to temperatures in the upper 60's. My kind of day! Jim got up at 0800. I had breakfast, did dishes and a load of laundry after making the bed. Jim went out to work on the awning, it needed tightening.

Anne and I went for a bike ride in Bentsen State Park. New rules, you have to stop in the office and show your pass and get a wrist band. We were almost alone in the park. We saw a bike parked at entrance to the hawk tower and one other rider. During our ride we saw a grey hawk, Kiskadees, green jays,scissor tailed flycatcher. Oh and the ever present javalina! When we first entered the park we were told to look up and see the hawks....migration of hawks happens this time of year.

While we were gone Jim went with Scotty to Tractor Supply and Walmart. I was fixing a salad when he came home. He made himself a sandwich and sat outside to eat it. After lunch Jim got busy cleaning out the truck because we're going to the beach! Tomorrow is the last day of the Sand Castle Days, Reports of red tide will keep me out of the water! Three couples are going, Pat and Vern, Anne and Scotty and we're driving.

I made some potato salad to go with roast chicken for out dinner and I also made some Italian Cheese biscuits too! It was quite tasty!

Today was perfect temperature wise. Had the windows open all day! Wish you were here :)

Today is Diana's birthday. She's one of my younger sisters and I hope she had a wonderful day!