Monday, October 5, 2009

fog, mist, clouds and a move!

We left Big Spring around 0945 this morning and it was foggy! We could see the road and I guess it was better than driving in full sunshine. We did see some sun around 1300 but mostly we had overcast skies.

We arrived at Buckhorn Lake Resort around 1430 and before Jim could start backing into our sight Mike was there to greet us. We met Mike and Leslie in Colorado Springs and it was nice be welcomed by someone we knew.

We'll be here a week and we were set up in no time. Have to admit it's a wee bit warm here and as soon as Jim had the rig plugged in I turned on the AC. The humidity is oppressive.

Around happy hour time we went over to Howard and Linda's site and as time went on other showed up. It was fun meeting the Payne's and all the other couples. Howard's parents' are also here. Except for Mike and Leslie we don't know the other folks attending this RV-Dreams rally, It should prove to be an interesting week for us, we've never been to a rally before. Of course the rally doesn't start until the 7th.

Not sure what time Jim and I left but we headed home and fed Boo then took him for a walk. Then we wandered over to see what Mike was cooking and he invited us to dinner! along with two other couples.

I won't go into the details but apparently HEB had a good deal on burgers and freebies. So we had burgers, chips, veggies, salsa and dip. I don't think anyone went hungry. After dinner we sat around talking, Linda Payne came over and returned a bowl to Leslie and asked if she could cook chicken on the hot problem. She returned with the chicken and joined us at the table. As the sun set Mike brought out the TV so he could turn on the football game.....but I saw I was missing Dancing with the Stars so I excused myself and came home, Jim stayed for ice cream :)

Boo was glad to see me! So once I transferred clothes from washer to dryer and started another load, we sat on the lounger and bonded for awhile. That's where Jim found me when he came home.
When we walked Boo we passed this waterfall. We need to explore the park to see all that's here.
It's been a full day and I'm tired!