Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cooler today

It was chilly last night and I slept well. Even slept in a bit as the sun was up when I got out of bed. I made my coffee and then got busy with my sour dough starter. Had to feed it! That done I turned on my computer and answered some emails.

Jim's phone went off before 0800 so he was up early too. The Ford dealership was calling about the truck. I forget what needs to be repaired....but as I type this they still have our truck!

Since it was cooler today I decided to bake. I made some shortbread cookies and sourdough bread. The bread was an all day affair because it's new starter. Once I had the starter finished I went ahead and made some bread.

Anne and I went out and hit a few stores. Dollar Tree for some Halloween items. Then Wal*Mart for a few groceries. Then Sally Beauty Supply where I got some decals for my fingernails. Halloween theme!

Once home I only had a short time to relax when Anne came over and we headed out for a walk so we could deliver invitations for a Halloween Party Friday. My bread was rising and I couldn't be gone long. Of course there are about a dozen rigs here and they're all spread out. While out Pat and Vern invited us for happy hour.

When we were at Wal*Mart we picked up some Philly steak meat for out dinner. When I returned from our walk I started slicing the green peppers, onions and mushrooms. I started cooking the veggies and meat. Then I formed two loaves of bread and set them to rise.

We had dinner on our patio and I must say it was tasty! I didn't realize I was so hungry til I sat down to eat. Once dinner was over I remained at home while the others headed to happy hour. I had to clean up the kitchen and bake the bread. I walked over and joined the group about 40 minutes later. We sat around and talked until past 1930.

We got home in time to see Dancing with the Stars. Now I'm watching a National Geographic show about feet that have washed ashore in British Columbia. Quite interesting! Jim is playing games on his computer.

I'm told a lot of folks are expected on the 1st of November, the Winter Texans are heading for the Rio Grande Valley!