Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kick Back Day

I was up at 0700, it's dark at that hour! but it's nice to see the sunrise again. If I remember correctly it was 68 inside and 61 outside and once the sun came up it started to warm up. I woke Jim at 0800. I had some cereal with my nuts and berries and a glass of orange juice. I'm not a big fruit eater but breakfast time is when I usually get my daily dose of them.

I did the breakfast dishes and made the bed after I got dressed. I bought a tubular spice rack and I'm slowly filling them. Once I get all my tubes filled I'll show you, so stay tuned! I water the outdoor plants.

My herbs are doing super now that the deer aren't eating them! Parsley, chives, marjoram and thyme.

My cactus pot is also looking better. In Taos I bought a couple succulents to fill in the empty spots. I'm going to have to trim the huge jade and I'm hoping I can find new homes for the cuttings. I hate to throw any plant away....

I trimmed Boo's face and tried to trim some length off his coat. He runs from me and tries to hide when I bring out the grooming arm. He knows what's going to happen! But once he's on the table he sits patiently while I do the trimming.

Jim took the trikes to a bike shop and he was surprised when the guy gathered his tools and worked on them right in the parking lot. He didn't even have to take them off the rack. All of the frozen bits now work and I can shift again. Jim was home at lunch time. He had a burger while I had a salad. Scotty joined him for lunch.

After lunch Jim played some golf on the Wii, first time in a long time!

As the day wore on more clouds filled the sky. It was warm but not enough to turn on the AC. I watched my soaps. During that time slot Anne came by and we went for a walk taking pictures of flowers and butterflies. Those pictures will be posted another time.

Around 1630 we headed over to Pat and Vern's for margarita's. We took some peanuts in the shell, Anne made some popcorn and Pat had cheese, crackers and smoked sausage. Oh and some Hershey's miniature candy's. We had a good time laughing, chatting and noshing!
Vern enjoying some peanuts
Jim talking with Pat....

Pat listening rapturously! :)

Miss Anne enjoying a margarita

Not sure why Scotty was scowling at Anne.....perhaps she told him not to eat so much chocolate!



and Sadie.
They are well mannered, unlike Boo. The dogs don't openly beg for food but everyone fed them peanuts. Sasha can crack hers and just eat the peanut but Rider eats the whole thing! Sadie didn't get any.
We had a slight breeze and it was comfortable sitting out. The party broke up around 1930. We were home in time for me to shower before Dancing with the Stars came on. There was a dance tribute to Michael Jackson that I wanted to see. Right now I'm watching Chopped on the Food Network
See, it was a kick back day...little bit of this, little bit of that