Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Very Windy!

We both slept late this morning....Boo woke us barking. Once I was up someone banged on the door! Oh, just Scotty but I saw the reason why, Pony Express was out front filling our propane tank and we needed to pay the man. That out of the way I was back inside in a flash and making coffee!

We both enjoyed our coffee but since it was late we didn't linger over it or breakfast. The temperature was rising and the wind started blowing and like it does here in the Rio Grande Valley the wind kept blowing and grit covered every surface in the rig.

I did a load of laundry and washed the kitchen floor. Because of the wind, kayaking was a no go. Jim emptied the black tank.

Pat, Anne and I went to Sam's Club this afternoon. Pat could shop there so Anne and I were just checking it out. After checking prices I decided to join. I think I can restrain myself from buying to much, after all we don't have a lot of storage space!

We had dinner at Pat and Vern's place. It was delicious! sausage with a tomato sauce and a side of onions and peppers on buns. Pat also served a cole slaw. For dessert she brought out ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. She also had some pound cake and apple cinnamon cake. We dined very well out side on the patio, they have a screened area like ours so the wind didn't bother us at all.

After cleared the table we learned how to play 'chicken feet'. It's a domino game and we only played two games. We came home and stood outside watching all the swallows fly over. It's amazing to see all those birds so low in the sky.

Jim, Anne and I walked/ran Boo around the block. I think we all enjoyed this interlude!

We've showered and we're ready for bed. And the wind is still blowing...