Sunday, October 11, 2009

RV-Dreams Farewell Breakfast, Sunday

We had to be up for the 0800 breakfast....Despite a late night dancing our feet off and getting to bed later than normal! Well I crawled out of bed a few minutes after 0700. Deary morning with some mist. I think I woke Jim by getting dressed and turning on the lights.....when I finished dressing he got up. We both made some coffee and headed over shortly after eight. I think most everyone was there, some folks were already eating. Who can eat at that hour?

Jim got in line and I sat until the line got shorter. I was there mostly to see everyone. Once everyone had eaten Howard and Linda spoke for a few minutes and played a Rascal Flatts song, My Wish For You. That made a few of us tear up! A lot of folks were leaving today and the room slowly emptied. A good group of friends and some were reluctant to leave.

We came home and Jim did dishes while I made the bed. I threw a load of clothes in the wash machine and then we sat and got caught up on emails and blogs. We had plans to go to Fredericksburg to visit the Herb Farm. Not sure what time we left but we headed out and traveled Highway 16. Pretty road that winds itself among farms and pastures. I'm sure it's prettier when the sun in out but we enjoyed the drive. Our GPS took us right to the Herb Farm that the 'town grew up around'.

I found it enchanting and I'm sure during the growing season it's heavenly. I love herbs and those who know me know I travel with a few. We had lunch in the restaurant, another breakfast, but at least it was later in the day. I had herbal tea and a fritatta with mushroom, spinach and goat cheese. Jim had 2 eggs, biscuits and mushroom gravy, potatoes and bacon. I helped him eat his bacon and brought home half my fritatta!

Afterwards we went outside to stroll the gardens and visit the shop. There is also a day spa and they have plans to expand. The gardens were a bit sparse as the cooler weather is coming and not much will grow during the winter here.

purple basil makes a lovely accent plant in any garden
There were a lot of pink and red roses

One of the cats decided to follow us around and managed to get in this picture with this basil

There were several huge rosemary plants

Some lantana

Red rose

double birdhouse in one corner

I love this! and it's true

Gift shop, it had a lot of decorative garden items, herbal candles and personal care items

there were a few plants for sale, I wanted one of each!

Gift Shop front
It would have been nicer if the day hadn't been so damp and chilly but I enjoyed our visit. We drove into town and found a Mesquite Festival but we didn't stay. This is the second time we've driven through Fredericksburg, some day we'll have to stop and visit.
On the way home we stopped and picked up some bread and veggies (we have to feed ourselves now!) and some fuel which has gone up to $2.53 for diesel. As we drove into Buckhorn Lake Resort we couldn't help but notice that a lot of our neighbors were gone.....
Jim headed out to do some repair on the rig and when he came in he tried to take a nap. After an hour or so he got up....said he couldn't sleep. I expect both of us will sleep well tonight.
We're watching the Colts/Titan football game.