Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dreary Day

I crawled out of be around 0830 after another bad night. I did sleep good for awhile but once the meds wore off I was uncomfortable.

It was cloudy when we got up and it stayed that way all day. We didn't leave the campground but did chores around here. I did some laundry and Jim worked outside. I think he cleaned the truck because it's now raining. :)

We watched a lot of TV including a Vin Diesel movie. Oh! and a Sinbad movie staring David Wayne and Jane Seymore!

I baked a loaf of Blueberry bread which pleased Jim as he didn't have breakfast. That's what he had for lunch while I had some celery. We did have some popcorn while we watched a movie.

Dinner was buffalo franks, charro beans and oven fries.

Rain did start around sundown. Nothing heavy but it smells fresher and the temperature is dropping nicely.

just another day in our life....not very exciting