Friday, October 2, 2009


I was up at 0730 again and again I didn't sleep well. I have a knot under my left shoulder blade....this too shall pass. I woke Jim at 0800 but he didn't get up until almost 1000. By then I was dressed and eating my breakfast. They have a free pancake breakfast here but we missed it today. Maybe tomorrow.

Just before lunch time we headed out to Comanche Trail Park to check it out and see the Historic Spring. I found this on the web:

"Comanche Trail Park (400 acres) contains the historic Big Spring and freshwater ponds, unique features in an otherwise arid terrain. The spring served as the only watering place for herds of bison, pronghorn, and wild horses within a 60-mile radius. Comanches regularly used the spring as a campsite on their raids to the south."

I only took one picture and believe me this makes the spring look good. The water looked scummy and we saw some turtles. Three guys were fishing but we didn't see any fish. The park is full of trails, playgrounds and picnic areas. Frisbee golf ,baseball diamond etc.

We walked a little and checked out the spring and a small lake. Then we headed into town, by now Jim was hungry and we stopped at Subway and enjoyed a spicy Italian sub with some Frito's and Barq's root beer.

Then we headed to Walmart for some groceries and fuel. First we picked up some items at a Dollar Tree. On of these items was water!

As Full timers know water can be good most places and most of us have our own filters to make sure that what comes out of the tap is tasty. But sometimes you run into foul water. Such is the case here. Mind you the pressure is super! But the taste of our water is salty and it has a sulphur smell. So for the first time in a long time we had to buy water for drinking and especially our coffee.

Once we got home we just chilled for awhile enjoying the AC. Jim finished his book and I watched my soaps. Around 1600 we headed for some relaxing in the hot tub. Jim loves hot tubs, me not so much, I find them to hot. :) But I wanted to see if it would help my back. We also played in the heated pool!

Once back at the rig we showered and enjoyed a GOOD cup of coffee! then we had some taco soup and cornbread for dinner.

The dishes are done and we're watching Die Hard. Jim talked to Scotty tonight. In a couple weeks we'll be in the valley and neighbors of Scotty and Anne once again.