Wednesday, October 14, 2009


We slept late again, or at least I did. We both got up around 0800, Jim first, that doesn't happen often. :) All the windows were wet with dew, the humidity is heavy here. The AC ran most of the night keeping cool enough to sleep. If I remember right it was 76 when we got up. Why on earth did we come south this early? It's way to hot for me

Today we had a list of chores to accomplish. Bank, mall (I needed a bathing suit), lunch, fuel and commissary. The drive to the bank was pretty, the gps took us along the shoreline for awhile until we hit town, then we had to get on the freeway across the bay. We found the credit union and finished our business there. Then we drove all the way back across the bay. We stopped at the mall, can you believe they're still working on it? We were here a year and a half ago and they were working on it then! We hit a couple stores looking for a bathing suit for me. Found one after trying on only two!

We then decided to have lunch at the Olive Garden. Bruschetta, soup and salad. We left stuffed, it was so tasty! Then it was back to the base where Jim dropped me off at the commissary and he went to get fuel, $2.55 for diesel (in town it was 2.59). Didn't Jim long to get fuel and he joined me for grocery shopping.

Back home we put our purchases away and Jim headed outside in the 85+ heat to clean the truck. After our drive on the beach it had sand and salt spray all over it. Jim was back inside by 1600 or so. I stayed inside and did some ironing and finished up laundry duty. I wanted to get everything washed and dried because starting tomorrow we'll have to pay for our electricity.

We had some leftover beef stew for supper....

I hope your day was more relaxing than ours!