Sunday, October 11, 2009

RV-Dreams Rally, Saturday

Once again we slept until 0800. All these seminars and dinners are wearing us out! LOL

We both skipped breakfast and went to the 0900 seminar, Working on the Road. Jim pretty much knows about this but I wanted to see if I could learn something. When it ended I headed home to finish cleaning up our rig for the open house that started at 1400 for us. Jim stayed for the next seminar, Choosing a campground. I wouldn't think he'd learn anything new, but you never know. We skipped the Boondocking/solar seminar. It's just not something we plan to do.

Jim came home and started working on the storage areas. We had a bite to eat and at 1400 people started arriving to check out our Mobile Suites. Inside I pointed out all the improvements we had made, I'm sure Jim did the same outside. He mentioned that a lot of folks liked our cooler and iris carts.

The rigs that were open were split into two groups and when our hour was over we headed out to see a few that caught our eye. A new Select Suite, Speedy and Sherri have a nice rig and I really liked the units she has that fold when they travel, a humongous Teton and of course we had to see Linda and Howard's rig. She had a carpenter come in and make improvement in the way of storage. It's definitely the way to go if you have the funds for it.

I also find it interesting to see how everyone decorates. RV'ers have to be clever in finding ways to store all their 'stuff'.

Our dinner in the Big Red Barn was another catered dinner. Huge pork chop, baked potato, green beans, a roll and salad. I swear I don't need to eat any more meat for awhile! For dessert there was a delicious sheet cake that the Payne's provided. I only had a bite of Jim's because I was stuffed!

Jim and I took our leftovers home and changed into our western duds for the Square Dance that started at 2000. Boy was that fun! We learned (tried) to do a simple line dance and then the Host, a professional caller taught us to do various square dances. It was really fun and I'm sure we worked off the calories from dinner! Of course we both made mistakes, as did others but we sure had fun trying and entertaining those who sat and watched.

I only took a couple pictures of the dancing, I was too busy dancing myself. I can only hope other blogs have pictures!

The evening ended for us around 2200. I was bushed and it was time to call it a night.

The Big Red Barn. We didn't have to go far to get home. It's right across the street!
Once home I showered and washed my hair. It was about an hour later when we went to bed. I was still reviewing dance steps!