Tuesday, October 6, 2009


We both slept late this morning. 0800 for me and Jim was up shortly thereafter. Boo and I had breakfast but Jim skipped his.

Today was strip the bed day! So I started in on that when the dishes were done. Jim headed outside to finish up bug patrol. He started cleaning the bugs off yesterday but kept stopping to chat. He also got our flags hung and our sign displayed.

We needed to go into town today, groceries, post office and lunch. You see Jim skipped breakfast so I get to eat out! :) We went to Mamacitas, a Mexican restaurant http://www.mamacitas.com/. We liked it the first time we went a couple years ago when we were in the area. It was as good as we remembered, Jim had quesadillas and I had tamales and we both brought food home.

Then we went to HEB mostly for meal deal they had of buy burgers get chips, dip, buns, soda and cheese free! It's what we had for dinner last night at Mike and Leslie's. Today was the last day of that deal....I wonder what next weeks deal will be?

We also made a stop at the post office to mail a book. then home....I put away the groceries, changed clothes and continued to work on the bedding. you know...wash dry wash dry. I also did another load of clothing. I also made some spaghetti sauce for our dinner. I had my soaps on but lost interest. Decided to lay down but Boo wasn't in the mood to rest. He kept barking at Roland who was in his yard minding his own business!

So I joined Jim outside and trimmed Boos feet and nails. More rally folks arrived today and parked right next door are Jim and Pat who we met in Santa Fe. They made a stop in Albuquerque for the balloon festival before coming here.

After Boo got a snack for being good while I trimmed him we took him for a walk. Boy is it humid here! When we got home we came inside. Jim put the sheets on the bed and I finished up the pillows and covers.

Time for iced coffee and games on the computers. Around 1730 I started dinner, a salad for me, spaghetti for both of us and bread. I'm enjoying a glass of wine. Jim did the dishes and I folded clothes, then showered.

we're watching NCIS and I think I'll be watching Dancing with the Stars.

The rally starts tomorrow and it looks like we'll be busy!