Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Butterflies and Flowers

I was up around 0700 again, and I woke Jim at 0800 but he didn't get up immediately...sometimes he likes to snooze. We both did our normal morning routine of blogs, emails and coffee with breakfast. Just not at the same times!

I did up the dishes and watered my plants. Then I went for a little bike ride to mail something. Back home I realized I forgot something else I needed to mail so this time I walked, Jim had my trike turned on its side and was working on it. It was nice out so I walked to the mail box and just continued on and walked a couple miles.

Yesterday Anne and I walked around Bentsen Palms Resort and took pictures. Before long the flowers will fade and the butterflies will migrate south. I hope you enjoy my attempt at capturing shots of moving butterflies on a breezy afternoon.

How many can you count in this picture?

Or this one? they were thick on these flowers.

It's difficult to get up close enough without them flying off

Bet I took a dozen shots of this fella and I think he knew it! Kept folding his wings!

these little yellow butterflies were a challenge also. When they land they close up.

Olive tree with flowers and fruit

These flowers are much prettier in real life.
Anne probably has some better photos on her blog, I just checked and she does!
I had a big salad for lunch and watched my soaps. I was reading my book when Anne popped over to show me the embroidery she did on Zena's coat. Zena is a family dog that lives in New York. It's cold where she lives! She wanted to mail it and I had a package to mail to Sonsearae so we headed to the post office.
Then we stopped a newly opened Walmart to get planting items. But their garden center isn't. Christmas items instead.....but we managed to find other things to buy. Since we didn't have a cart we couldn't buy much!
Back home we got our happy hour/dinner ready. Jim and I had chicken sandwiches, Anne made potato salad and she and Scotty had ham and cheese. We also had some spinach dip with bagel chips and some olives. It was breezy but nice enough to sit outside. Boo joined us for dinner and then the begging started. We need to break him of that!
After dinner Anne served us some strawberry shortcake complete with whipped cream. It was very tasty! We ladies cleared the mess and then took Boo for a walk. I think we wore him out, he's sleeping soundly right now.
We've been watching NCIS on the USA channel. Jim is playing games on his computer.
Today has been cloudy and windy perhaps we'll get rain later.