Wednesday, October 7, 2009

RV-Dreams Rally, Wednesday, day 1

I was up at 0700 yesterday after sleeping well. It's dark at that hour...I woke Jim at 0800 and we had breakfast. Checked emails and blogs. We had rain during the night and it was neat hearing it come gently down.

During the morning we just putzed around doing our normal routine. Dishes, bed making and some cleaning. I put out a hummingbird feeder but so far no takers. :(

We some leftovers for lunch and then headed over to the Big Red Barn to register for the Rally. As we were walking over Tim Thorpe inquired as to our identity, asking if we were friends of Marilyn and Ed. So we met him and talked for a bit then continued into the building following Jim when Linda Payne popped her head out the door as we passed and said this is the place!

Tables were set up to get our name tags and lanyards, info packet, then t-shirt, cookbook, jewelry etc. We just got the packet and name tags. We sat and talked with Sterling and Anita, Jim and Pat and Tim Thorpe and chatted for awhile. It was noisy with folks coming and going.

When we got home I decided we needed to head into town so I could get a haircut. It's to hot and humid here and my hair was keeping me hot. So we spent some time at the small mall looking for crocs for Jim. No luck there, darn! :) But I did find a pretty rug in JC Penny's. We also needed to get some fuel so we headed back through town and spotted a health food store and a bike shop. Jim went into the bike shop and looked around the health food store. We didn't buy anything in either place. Then we spotted a sports shop, Fitness First Sports so we checked and Jim found some crocs there....fancier than the old ones.

Once home I made some iced coffee, Jim tried to read outside (many folks stopped by to say hello or chat). He came inside around 1700. I fed Boo and Jim walked him. Our welcome dinner was at 1800 and we headed over around 30 minutes before to check it out and we were one of the first ones there! No matter we got our table and had fun talking with Roland.

Table decoration, bet you can't tell where we are!

I am awful with names so if you know these folks let me know. We are wearing name tags but half the time you can't see them when you're seated.

Bridget and her husband

These folks will be fulltimers in 2011, October 1st.

Roland and Nancy, he could have smiled since he was looking right at me!
Our dinner was BBQ chicken, pork loin, potato salad, slaw and beans. All very tasty!
After dinner we had some fun getting to know everyone and passing around tips and tricks.

Howard Payne wearing this years rally shirt

Linda Payne getting her notes together waiting for the Sugarland theme song to end.
We had fun and the evening ended around 2130. Boo was glad to see us! I showered as soon as we got home and tried to do the blog but it took me over 30 minutes just to load the pictures so I went to bed.
Thus ends day one of the RV-Dreams rally.