Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another Exciting Day!

I was up at 0730 and Jim was up an hour later. Already the day was warming up. since we didn't have any plans we just played games on our computers til 1000 or so.

Then I got dressed, did the dishes and started on the bed. Today I stripped it and washed the sheets. While this was going on I played games on my computer! Watched my soaps and had lunch.

Jim was reading his book and then he had lunch. Then he went outside and did some pre-trip chores and played golf. I read for awhile.....Jim made the bed

We had breakfast for dinner, eggs, ham, potatoes, tomatoes and toast. We do love breakfast at night!

I just now remembered we were supposed to get fuel....

We watched the Kelsey Grammer show and the one that came on after it. I wasn't impressed with either one. I'm now watching NCIS on the USA channel.