Sunday, September 13, 2009

El Santuario de Chimayo

This was our destination today The Shrine of our Lord of Esquipulas.
As we drove north we both thought we'd end up back in Taos! But we finally found the turn off to Chimayo, NM. The drive was scenic and beautiful. Just after we arrived Mass let out and we were able to enter the church. They don't allow pictures inside but I'm always moved by the simple 'decorations' used to adorn these churches of the faithful.
We walked all around the grounds and it's amazing to find such richness in the middle of nowhere! I've no idea how many in the parish are active, but from the drive we had in getting here I really didn't see that many dwellings.

Jim and I both took pictures and it would seem we duplicated the same scenes. It was fun picking out the ones to post

Jim took this picture

at waters edge there are 6 crosses under arches, I took this shot and it turned out super!

Whenever we drive through these arid hills and mountains I wonder where they get water. This area has a nice stream running along side the parish lands

Across the stream is this shrine

We heard an announcement about a processional and we got to witness it coming down the hill.
Whenever we visit these 'old world' Catholic churches I am always moved to tears. They have so much faith that you can feel it when you enter the church.

Just loved the look of this home.

As we left we saw a sign "Wine Tasting". Well alrighty then, we like wine tastings! Estrella Del Norte Vineyard, They have pinot noir vines and we got a couple pictures

Jim took this picture and I love the grapes and leaves. the colors are perfect. Soon they'll be picking the grapes. We brought home several bottles...

As we left the back roads Jim stopped to take some pictures.

I found this lizard.....he's about 4 inches excluding his tail which goes all the way down into the left hand corner. wish I knew what kind.
Our drive back was uninteresting. We needed something to eat and we stopped and had Mongolian Grill at the Bamboo restaurant. Then we stopped in at Smith's for a few items and fueled up with our discount. Gotta love those grocery stores that give the discounts! $2.51 for diesel.
Once home I put away our purchases and we both changed clothes. Jim took a nap and when he got up he played some golf.
It was a full day and we both enjoyed it. I've just finished watching Design Star and now I need a snack! I think when I ended my blog last night I said I had to do dishes. Well Jim did them for me! Thanks Honey