Thursday, September 17, 2009

driving around town

Today we slept late! I got up at 0845 and Jim woke around 0900. I guess this time zone will take some getting used too. :) We had our coffee and check emails and blogs. Jim skipped breakfast, again. I had a bowl of cereal and oj. Then we changed and went into town.

For those of you who have been in Texas, don't you just love the one-way service roads? Going around in circles can be so much fun! Not very fuel efficient....We mostly drove around getting our bearings and trying to find a walmart. I knew there was a Murphy station and we knew diesel would be cheaper there, it was, $2.45.

We had lunch at Kabuki Romanza, I had chicken teppanyaki and Jim had steak teppanyaki. Hot green tea and soup for both of us. It was very good and could become a favorite place to dine if we lived here.

We stopped at Natural Grocers and picked up a few items. Then we headed home. I put away our purchases, changed clothes and watched my soaps. Jim took a nap. I also spent some time reading.

When Jim got up we had some coffee, then took Boo for a walk. It's so nice not dragging him around in the gravel!

So far the weather has been pleasant here. Tonight mid 50's so sleeping should be good.