Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Saying Goodbye

Is never easy....but I'm getting ahead of myself.

We were up shortly after 0700 No birds for me to feed so I made myself some coffee while Jim got out of bed. As he was drinking his coffee and eating breakfast he mentioned the deer were looking for breakfast. I didn't even bother to take a picture. After breakfast we both got busy. It's been two months since we packed up and we wanted to make sure we didn't forget anything.

Since we're all set up I know we didn't forget anything!

Ed came over to keep Jim company and before long Marilyn showed up. She came inside while I finished up the kitchen. Once I was all done Marilyn and I took Boo outside.

Look who came by for breakfast!

Joann and Fillmore came over to keep us company while Jim finished up. Ed helped him fold up the patio mat. Then Doug came overs....Slides in, electricity off, we're ready to go. Ut oh! left tail and brake lights don't work....no problem Jim fixed it. We left around 0930, not to bad....

Hugs all around (no tears from me) and we were on our way. Ed be careful when you leave, it's easier to go right around the circle. That left turn to exit the campground is a bit tight.

I can't believe all the hazy smoggy stuff. This was taken driving south on hwy 115
I-25 south of Pueblo. We didn't stay on the interstate very long.

After we left the suburbs of Pueblo and got back into nature I saw a coyote dashing off in a pasture. I also saw a prairie dog on the side of the road. Mostly I saw cows and a few horses.

We made a stop just before 1100, as you can see the view is lovely, but the smoke from the California fires is obscuring the views! Neither of us was very hungry, so we just had some nibbles. Olives, bread, cheese. On a walk around the rig I found this.....

Not sure where we got this 'dent', Jim thinks maybe when we pulled out of our site. He thinks he might have hit Doug's rock....

I took many, many pictures in the hope of getting some good ones. Y'all know the mountains are beautiful so just squint and you should see them in the distance.

As we were getting higher in elevation we came across this peak. Just gorgeous! We were on hwy 160 heading up to the La Veta Pass. Around noon we topped out around 9500 feet. As we got closer to the top the slower we went! 35 miles an hour but we made it....

The valley we drove through didn't have good cell phone service. but it sure had some pretty vistas.

not much traffic either

We had mountains all around us

Around Fort Garland we saw three peaks in the distance. I took these with my camera

This was taken with my phone camera. We think the three peaks are Little Bear 14,037, Blanca Peak 14,345 and Mount Lindsey 14,125. there is another peak Ellingwood Point 14,042 in the same cluster but I think it's behind one of these. In any case they were all impressive!

We were able to take all these pictures because we made a stop at a rest area so we could stretch and walk Boo.

Pretty flowers near the picnic area.

Jim took this picture with his camera...no mater which camera we used the pictures were hazy, dadgum fires!

Sure hope you're not bored with all the pictures! this is our view! taken with my phone camera
We arrived at Monte Bello RV park around 1430 or after. Neither one of us looked at a clock. Since we could see clouds and possible rain we wanted to get set up. I can tell you the temperature was 77 outside with a slight breeze. Once we had everything like we wanted we sat outside with a cold beer. Life is good.
We then wandered over to the office to get some touristy things. Back at the rig I warmed leftovers for our dinner. Jim had my pasta from Macaroni Grill and I finished off the pot roast.

Our view out the back window taken with my camera

I'm not sure what this plant is called but it stinks! reminds me of marigolds. It's right by the sewer connection.....hmmmm wonder if there is a connection there?

We've both taken our showers and we're watching TV. Just before 1900 rain moved in but Jim took this picture as the sun was going down.

I hope they get those fires put out soon so we can see the mountains in their true colors!