Saturday, September 19, 2009

Palo Duro Canyon

Again I was up at 0815 this morning and after making my coffee I put some ribs in the crock pot for our dinner tonight. I put some music on and listened to it while I read emails. Jim got up sometime before 0900 and we both had breakfast.

I started a load of laundry and put our picnic lunch together. Jim shaved then I got dressed, made the bed and got ready to leave.

The drive to Palo Duro Canyon was short and we got in free with our Texas Park pass. Our first stop was at the gift shop and I must say the view from there was worth it. I don't like looking down but looking out was very pretty.

Jim took most of the pictures, but as you can see the canyon is a bit hazy

We had lunch with this in our view. There are several campgrounds in the park and we circled the ones with rigs. Some have great views!

There 6 places where water can and does wash out the road. Jim decided to get the truck really dirty! Three of the washes had water over them

See the rabbit? right in the center of the picture is a silhouette of a rabbit!

We didn't plan of hiking, not our thing, but this sign sure convinced me that I don't want to hike this trail!

reconstruction of a dug out. Our rig is roomier.....
The canyon is quite lush and I was surprised at all the greenery. The day use areas are packed with tables and parking spots. There are pull overs so you can take pictures or let tailgaters to pass. We spent a pleasant afternoon driving the winding road.
We stopped at Starbucks and I got coffee and Jim got a free smoothie (thanks Sonsearae!). Then I dragged Jim over to Joann's to look at fabric. We're thinking of changing out the window treatments and I needed input from him about color and patterns.
Then we wandered into Bed, Bath and Beyond to get another can opener. The last one I bought really didn't work well. Jim also got a new pillow.
Once we got home Jim and I lugged all our stuff into the house (mail came too). I unpacked the cooler, put food away, stacked dishes. Went through the mail, gave some to Jim. Started another load of laundry. I wasn't hungry so we didn't have dinner. I put the ribs away, did the dishes.
We forgot to open the grey tank and had to clean the shower and surrounding floor. I decided to wash the rugs.
I am ready for bed! Hope your day was a good one!