Monday, September 7, 2009

Back Roads

Today we headed out of town. After Breakfast and morning chores I packed a lunch and we went down Blueberry Hill road to see if we could find a thrill! LOL Blueberry Hill is a way to bypass Taos and we were able to see different vistas across the mesa.

The day was beautiful for a drive. Blue skies and very few clouds at first.

Our destination was San Francisco de Asis in Rancho de Taos. It's just south of Taos. They started building it in 1772 and it was completed in 1815. I picked up a church bullitin and I'll quote what it says:

"San Francisco de Asis Church, a National Historic Landmark, is in the Ranchos de Taos Plaza four miles southwest of Taos, NM on Hwy 68.

It is one of the best known and most photographed churches in New Mexico. the Spanish Colonial adobe building has twin bell towers and an arched portal entrance that overlook an enclosed courtyard. The interior has two large carved reredos (alter screen) divided into painted panels, a ceiling of vigas (beams) that rest on elaborately carved corbels and a traditional choir loft."

I did a google to find out the date of construction and found that Georgia O'Keeffe did four paintings of it, and both Ansel Adams and Paul Strand photographed it. You cannot take pictures inside.

I talked to a shopkeeper and he told me that his shop was the building he was born in. His father added the front section (in the 20's) that comprised the shop. His grandfather had lived next door, an aunt lived across the way. All the buildings date from the 1600's. The village was built in the traditional way of fort style. A square with solid walls on the outside and the fronts facing a village square.
This building is empty and needs a lot of repair, but you can see the adobe bricks

San Fransisco de Asis

There were a couple of headstones, but they were hard to read.

This is an active parish with about 3000 members. Inside the church I saw a board with several photos of military men with their families.

Parish office, the doors are beautiful

Grand dads house! It too needs some work!
After we left the church we went for a drive and found some beautiful views. I took way to many pictures and I've included a few here.

This is where we had our picnic lunch. We spread a towel and sat overlooking the water. The sound was soothing and except for the hard ground I could have sat all afternoon!

I'm sure there are some trout lurking in this stream!

As you can see the clouds are building....

We kept driving up mountains and down into valleys. From Pine trees to scrub. Both of us were enchanted with the landscape and topography

Some of the terrain reminded me of old TV westerns

We eventually made it back to hwy 68 and found the Rio Grande River Gorge

there are pull overs along the river so you can get out and take pictures

We did see some rafters but they were to far away for pictures

We stopped in town to fuel up, $2.64 for diesel. Just before we arrived home it started sprinkling on us! It didn't last long and by the time we got to the campground it was dry again.

I planted my herbs in my 'herb' pot. I took out the basil as it was looking sad.

The sedums help fill the empty spots in my cactus pot

We were home early enough for Jim to play some golf. I sat outside with him for awhile. But Boo kept getting in his way. It seemed to bother me more than Jim!
For dinner we had pulled pork, corn on the cob and steamed spinach. Boy was it tasty! We watched Top Gear and some HGTV shows. Now I'm watching the planet green channel while Jim plays cards on his computer. We're ready for bed
Tomorrow we head to Santa Fe....I hope you've enjoyed all the pictures....