Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First day of Autumn

Other than laundry and dishes I didn't do much today. Oh I fixed a pot of potato soup for lunch, we were still chilly. After lunch I cleaned up the kitchen.

I was able to watch all my soaps today so I think I'm caught up. Jim played golf for a bit. It's funny to see him all bundled up in his jacket and hat playing outside. :)

I made a slaw for our dinner, then had a cup of coffee. Jim finally came in from the cold! Off and on during the day he's been trying to get our Hughes net to work. So far no luck and the wifi here is good but not in the evening when a lot of folks are using it.

Our dinner was leftover ribs, candied yams and the slaw. I've done the dishes and I'm all clean and pretty from my shower. We've been watching CBS this evening, NCIS and now the new show that followed it....NCIS LA?

Now it's time to read the blogs, if I can get them to load