Saturday, September 5, 2009

Earthships, gardens and Mountains

This morning after breakfast we headed out to see the Earthships. Earth because they dug into the earth and ships because like a ship out to sea they are totally sustainable. They collect and reuse water, use solar and wind power and are totally off the grid.

This is the visitor center entrance. they use tires with earth rammed into them, bottles and aluminum cans. The wall on the left of this picture was constructed with aluminum cans embedded in cement then adobe plastered over. The round items are bottles laid in cement. Some of it is structural and some bottles are used for light.

this home is being built next to the visitor center and you can see the tires.

solar panels on the roof. the roof is constructed so water and snow melt can be captured in the cistern

closer look at the new structure.
We both enjoyed touring the center and listening to the guides. We found out that they have built this homes all over the world! Check out the website, it's fascinating!

We came home to have lunch before we headed out to Overland Sheepskin Company. Wonderful clothing, hats skins, furs, boots and other things we have no need of! But it was fun looking.

This wagon was out front.

There are other buildings that have smaller shops. Though the season is drawing to an end the flowers were pretty and butterflies and birds flitted through the gardens.

Metal sculptures can be purchased and it was fun watching them twirl in the wind

I like the one in the center of this picture

I love watching the clouds move in over the mountains.

old truck out back. looks right at home doesn't it?

This sculpture was in the gazebo, at least part of it was formerly an International Harvester and yes those are legs...

The pond was interesting tucked in between the buildings.
It was fun wandering the shops and seeing all the sculptures. The grounds were an eclectic mix of waterways, ponds, apple trees and flower gardens. Furniture, Sushi restaurant, a salon (with sign saying 'gone fishing', clothing shop. A good way to spend a couple hours.
We headed to a coffee shop next to get something cold to drink. We spent a half hour or so sipping our drinks and reading books and magazines. Then we headed home....
Jim played some golf and I snoozed for a bit. We have plans for dinner tonight so I'm posting the blog early.

Around 1700 I noticed this band of sun on the mountains so at my request Jim took some pictures. I hope you enjoy them

As you can see there's rain in them thar hills!