Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Taos, New Mexico

Last night we ended up going to bed a wee bit early. We were both tired from the drive and sights that we saw. Poor Boo was exhausted too!

He was doing his best to cover his eyes
Can you tell I love my puppy? Isn't he cute!?
Because I went to bed early I also got up early. Boo and I were up just after 0600, it was barely light outside and I was hoping for a pretty sunrise. Well the sun popped up over the mountain and it was bright! I had to close the blinds so I could see my computer screen. Jim also got up early, for him. Shortly after 0700. But we both slept well so I guess we were well rested.
After breakfast Jim went out to clean the bugs off the truck and the front of the rig. I did dishes, made the bed and got ready for our outing. Besides needing a few groceries we wanted to go into Taos and be tourists. No real destination in mind, just wanted to check out the city.
We ended up right downtown. We found a half empty parking lot (easier to park the truck) and put enough quarters in the meter for 4 hours. We just started walking around and found a plaza with shops.

This building stood out. I think we need to go back and find out why it's different.
We wandered into a store with woven wool rugs. Even found one we liked and today everything was 50% off! So I had to ask.....$1500! Which made it $750.....we did not bring it home, but it sure would have looked good in the living room. They did tell us where to have lunch. Rellenos, a very small diner with good food. Jim had Huevos Rancheros and I had Chili Rellenos de Nogodas (I think). It was a pepper stuffed with ground beef, apple, pear, tomato, onion, garlic and spices. Topped with a walnut brandy sauce with dried cranberries. It was yummy! I tasted cinnamon or nutmeg and yes it was a bit on the sweet side. the following pictures were taken at lunch and the red tint is from the red umbrella shielding us from the sun.

this hollyhock looked lonely.

our table, along with our meals we enjoyed a cold beer and chips and salsa

the remains of my lunch

I think there were 4 tables indoors and 5 outside on the patio. Fresh, local ingredients and if you're in Taos give it try!

Just some pictures taken around town

the plaza

I think this is Our Lady of Guadalupe Church...
We drove around a bit getting our bearings then headed to Cid's Market to pick up some groceries. It's a natural foods market and I enjoyed it, but Jim just kept remarking on how expensive everything was. So I only bought my soy products and some ice cream for him. :)
We then went home, put my purchases away and hung around for a bit waiting for the farmers market to start at Taos Pueblo. I did buy some corn on the cob, but it wasn't a big gathering. The wind was blowing just like we were back in the Valley!
This time before heading home we drove out to the Rio Grande River Gorge Bridge. The following pictures were taken by Jim because I wouldn't and couldn't go out onto the bridge!

The river is way, way down there! apparently there are times you can raft the river.
This morning I put a pork roast in the crock pot and we had pulled pork for dinner with corn on the cob and fresh tomatoes.
TV is on but there isn't much to watch. We could use a good movie. Jim is going through golf for two days! Right now he's playing games on his computer.
We had a beautiful sunset

Hope your day was a good one!