Monday, September 28, 2009

Easy Drive to Lubbock, Texas

All three of us slept all night long! When we went to bed the wind started to blow and I just knew we'd have to bring in the slide but no! I fell asleep and the wind didn't bother me at all. It also cooled down more than I expected and when I got up at 0745 I turned on the fireplace to take the chill out of the house.

Jim was awake and got out of bed at 0800. He made his coffee and went outside to get ready to leave. I was still in my jammies and needed breakfast. When he came in to change out of his shorts, I asked if he wanted oatmeal. Thought it might warm us up and be filling too.

We were ready to leave at 0945. Jim chose a scenic route to get us to Lubbock. We headed east on I-40 then picked up hwy 287 to Claude where we picked up hwy 207 south. This took us to the Palo Duro Canyon farther east. Farm country, with ranches and we saw grains, sunflowers, horses, cows, and sheep. I remarked to Jim that I've seen more working windmills in this part of the country than I've sever seen before.

The descent into the canyon was a 10% grade and what a beautiful drive into and out of the canyon!

Most if not all of the land is privately owned.Can you imagine having to look at this everyday?

Views everywhere you look!

We did two 10% descents and I think each was only a mile.

Sure love all the greenery.....

This is the Prairie Dog Town fork of the Red River.....that's what the sign said! not much water but you sure can see why it's called the red river.

This is the road up and out of the canyon, the little silver ribbon you see left center is the road winding up and out of view. It was slow going but we made it.
As we traveled south we saw more and more grain fields also soy beans and cotton. Even saw some prairie dogs. One place stood out because they had pumpkins! everywhere you looked they had pumpkins, they even had a VW Bug that was painted pumpkin orange.
We both enjoyed the drive and it was only a few more miles than taking I-27 south. Interstate highways tend to make us sleepy and we try to avoid them.
We arrived at Loop 289 RV Park just before 1300. Can't say it's the best location but we're only here for three nights. There are at least three Mobile Suites here, four counting us. And right nest door is a Gander Mtn store! LOL
We had a relaxing afternoon with me watching my soaps and Jim NO! He had a cold beer outside then came in and played games on his computer. We both had coffee and then it was time for dinner. Bruschetta! Quick and easy
I watched Dancing with the Stars tonight. I finally got to see some dancing. We're now watching Castle and soon it will be time for bed.
I hope your day was a good one.