Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Santa Fe

We left Taos this morning knowing it wouldn't take long to drive to Santa Fe. We didn't hurry and it was a pleasant drive. We had a little concern watching the clouds build up and rain falling in various parts of the mountains. But it didn't come anywhere near us.

We arrived At Santa Fe Skies RV park, www.santafeskiesrvpark.com somewhere around 1300 without stopping. Another hour and we were set up enjoying a cold beer. Unfortunately we have ants that bite. So Jim put out some ant killer. Most of the rigs here are big motor coaches.

We overlook a housing complex that looks fairly new. This is the view from the back of our rig
We didn't want to pay for a paved patio so we have a yard with flowers!

Some would say these are weeds....but I didn't take pictures of those! LOL
We had grilled burgers, grilled zucchini, macaroni salad and pickles and olives for dinner. Jim did all the cooking (while playing golf) and I pulled the rest out of the fridge....we make a good team. After dinner I did the dishes and then we both walked Boo with the trash run.
I'm watching Chopped and Jim is playing games on his computer. It was warmer here than in Taos but we'll see what the next week brings.