Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday at home

I was up at 0715 this morning! That's more like it. I woke Jim up at 0800 and when he joined me downstairs we had breakfast. I fixed scrambled eggs, fried potatoes and sliced tomatoes. We read emails and blogs and then we got busy.

Inside I did dishes and laundry. Jim started with the trikes outside. They were quite dirty as we haven't been able to use them for months. He spent several hours getting them cleaned up taking a break for lunch.

I caught up on some computer things. Played some games and enjoyed the air conditioning.

Our dinner consisted of leftovers and we cleaned out several dishes. After dinner Jim went back outside to clean the truck. He should sleep well tonight! I did the dishes and showered. When Jim came him he showered and now we're watching the History Channel.

the wind blew steadily all day but the temperature still went up to the mid 80's.