Tuesday, September 29, 2009

do nothing day

I was up at 0730 having slept all night. The sunrise was quite pretty, sort of an apricot gold.

We had no definitive plans but after breakfast we headed out to pick up some groceries. We found a Sams club with a gas station but couldn't use our walmart card. It was rejected. We did find a Walmart and picked up our groceries but they didn't have gas station.

We went to Gander Mtn....it's right next door, but we had to drive there, no gate in the fence LOL. If you are familiar with Texas service roads you also know we had to drive around the block to get back home! It would have been easier and cheaper to walk there.

I watched my soaps and Jim cleaned the bugs off the truck and front of the rig. We both had lunch. I did a couple loads of laundry and made a pot of taco soup.

Jim played some golf. I thought he showed some restraint.

Boo is doing well. I don't see any signs of him being messed up internally. I was worried that thing might have cut him while inside or when it went down (or came up). We haven't seen any signs of blood from either end.

We had the taco soup and cornbread for dinner. We watched the NCIS shows and I saw that Tony and Kate were eliminated from Dancing with the Stars. We're now watching the Forgotten show and I'm still not convinced it will be on long. It's only so-so.

We have the ac on because it's still 73 outside.

Some days are more exciting than others. But we love our lifestyle and wouldn't have it any other way.