Thursday, September 3, 2009

Taos Ski Area

After breakfast this morning Jim headed outside to clean the truck. I did the dishes, made the bed and did some laundry. By the time I finished the first two chores Jim was playing golf. I also did some ironing.

We made plans to head up the mountain to the ski area after lunch. what a beautiful drive.

For some reason I was stopped from uploading more pictures so they will have to wait until another time.

We had some rain on our ascent but nothing heavy.

We continued to climb ever higher after the ski area traveling on a dirt road. Then we reached a sign that said four wheel drive we turned around at 9800 feet.

This is someones home.....

This would make a beautiful Christmas Tree....but I rather like it right here in this crevice

This area has a lot of homes, condos and shops built like this

Once we came down the mountain we went grocery shopping. I still had a list of things to get and picked up most everything at Albertson's. A nice surprise was the 10 percent military discount! Our cashier Josie, had family members in every conflict since the Korean War. With my coupons, the sales plus the discount we saved over $60 off our bill....
Back home I put most everything away with some help from Jim. We had pizza for dinner.
Jim is outside playing golf. He said he'd do the dinner dishes. I'm ready to end my day with a shower.