Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cadillac Ranch

It was another rough night with Boo. Shortly after we went to bed last night he started throwing up and I ended up staying in the living room with him until I couldn't tolerate laying on the floor anymore. I think he was glad to go to bed also! As far as I know he didn't get out of bed again and neither did I until I got up at 0810.

I've decided the medication Boo was given made him sick so I didn't give him any this morning. Viola! he seems to be doing just fine. No more vomiting. Hopefully we'll all sleep better tonight.

We had to make a run to pick up some string to repair a blind and we remembered to bring our cameras so we could take pictures of the caddy's. I can't begin to tell you how many times we drove past them without seeing them! If it hadn't been for some RV's parked on the road a few days ago we probably would never have noticed them.

they are very colorful! Apparently you can take spray paint and decorate any way you want.

There are ten of them just planted in this field

I blend in quite well!
Jim did more packing up today, as did I. He watched golf on TV and played golf on the Wii. I gave Boo a bath and read my book for awhile. The afternoon was really hot! After several days of cold weather summer came back with a vengeance. Even Jim had to come in to escape the heat.
We had some leftovers for dinner. It shouldn't take us long to get ready in the morning and our drive will be a short one. We're moving on to Lubbock.