Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rain, Rain and more rain!

I was up at 0640 this morning. Jim didn't get up for another 2 hours. It was a lazy morning. Blue skies and very few clouds. After breakfast I did the dishes and made the bed. Jim shaved and we both changed clothes and headed into town.

This mural was in our parking lot. very colorful!

Our destination was the Railyard District. About a year ago the city converted part of the rail yards into a shopping center. Posh galleries, a garden and restaurants. Also some retail stores, we went into REI and I found a pair of shorts that were on sale. We did find a place to eat. Jim skipped breakfast so it was time for a meal!

He ordered a grilled chicken sandwich with fries. I had gazpacho and citrus slaw. Prices were ok and my meal was delicious. Jim finished his sandwich so I guess it was good....

When we left the restaurant we could smell the rain. A huge cloud was covering part of the sky and I thought for sure we'd get wet before we got back to the truck. We stopped at an Antique store that specialized in Spanish furnishings. It was fun looking at the the colonial doors, shutters and furniture. Humongous pieces!

We drove a loop road around the historic district and saw some neat buildings that we'll have to return and check out. We then headed home. during the drive the skies opened and we had some rain. And I do mean rain, not a tiny shower after which the sun returns. It rained! and it rained then it quit and rained some more!

When we got home we had to dash inside between the rain drops. Not sure what the temperature was but we were in shorts and it was really chilly. I changed into long pants. The rained stopped long enough for Jim to head outside while I was watching my soaps. He played golf for awhile but had to come in because he was cold! He changed into long pants and had some coffee to warm up.

We had spaghetti for dinner along with some bread and a glass of wine. We've been watching TV and playing games. We've showered and soon we'll go to bed. The temperature has dropped to 56 and it's not even 2130! All the windows are closed and we only have an exhaust fan running.