Friday, September 4, 2009

Lazy, Busy Day

Both of us had chores to do today. After breakfast Jim headed outside to clean the truck. Our drive yesterday was wet and if you mix that with dirt roads you have a dirty truck! while he was cleaning the truck I started in with dishes and stripping the bed.

At one point I looked out and saw this....Jim needed to vacuum out the truck and was real close to the steps....there was maybe an inch to spare!

Meanwhile I got the sheets washed, dried and between us we made the bed sometime after lunch. I also watched my soaps and Jim played golf. We made plans to go to a wine tasting at OBL Today's tasting included Pinot Noirs from Oregon, New Zealand, France and California. We brought home a bottle of Calera from the central coast of California. Very nice!
The mountains were easier to see this afternoon. I think some of the smog is clearing. On the way home from the wine tasting we stopped at Pizano's,

Jim had a small Mediterranean pizza

I had the small Up-Stream pizza... among other items it had smoked salmon and smoked Gouda cheese...quite tasty! We had water to drink..We sat outside with a view of the mountains. The weather was perfect for alfresco dining.
Since we've been here our weather has been good. Mid 70's - 80 during the day and each night has gotten a little cooler. Last night it went down to 47. Jim turned on the furnace this morning! Every afternoon the clouds build up over the mountains and we can see rain but it has only rained once at the campground.
The sunset tonight was beautiful and I tried to take pictures but they didn't turn out well. So you'll just have to take my word for it.
It's already 64 outside and cooling off nicely. In a couple hours we'll head to bed after an evening of TV and computer games.