Friday, September 18, 2009


I got up a little earlier this morning, 0815 :) After doing some exercises I made myself some coffee then I turned on some music. I thought that would wake Jim up worked. We had breakfast and read emails and blogs.

Then we got busy. I dressed, did the dishes and then stripped the bed. Jim headed outside and started washing windows and cleaning on the rig. That kept us occupied all morning. I had some beans and rice for lunch. Jim took some rags over the the free laundry and got them all washed up and dried. He also put the sheets back on the bed.

After lunch Jim played some golf, I watched my soaps and then we went to Walmart. We needed to get picnic items so we can go on a road trip tomorrow!

Once home I put our purchases away and started dinner. Pulled pork and oven fries. simple but tasty! While I was finishing up my glass of wine Jim did the dishes. After dessert I took my shower and finished making the bed getting the quilt on and pillowcases.

We're watching TV and playing games on our computers

Hope your day was more interesting than ours....