Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Panhandle Plains Historical Museum

Yesterday I was up at 0740. Coffee and breakfast. Dishes and bed making. Jim had his coffee and breakfast.

We had several stops to make and the first one was the bank to get some cash. Then we headed to a bike shop so we could get a brake cable made for Jim's trike. By then we were both hungry so we stopped at Olive Garden for soup and salad. We each had two bowls of soup. I think they're serving less!

The we headed south to the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum. As we drove into Canyon City we saw a Walmart and made plans to stop on the way home.

The Museum was awesome! Nicely laid out and almost every exhibit was interesting to me. We did take pictures but I can't seem to stay online long enough to post them. More on this later. I'm not sure how long we stayed but we didn't even get upstairs. Maybe next time....

We did stop at walmart for a few items and to charge up a card for fuel. $2.41 for diesel, cheaper than the store in Amarillo!

I think we were home just after 1600. we both changed clothing and I put away our purchases and made myself a cup of coffee and turned on GH. Jim went out side to play golf, but that didn't last long. Wind started blowing and blowing and the temperature started to drop. He put away the lawn chairs and brought in my small pots. Then we brought in all my pots.

By this time the wind was a steady roar and we put down the dish and brought in the back slide because it was coming in anyway! We do have cable here and Jim hooked it up and figured out how to get the TV working. But if we wanted network we had to put up our antenna....not gonna happen in that wind. so I missed Dancing with the Stars...But we have wifi and my Facebook friends and relatives kept me informed LOL I did try to post last night but our signal kept coming and going. After a couple attempts I quit.

The wind blew all evening and was still going strong when we went to bed. the temperature was already under 50 so we slept with the comforter and I was warm and toasty in no time. But it did take us awhile to go to sleep. During the night I heard rain but it was a gentle rain and the wind had stopped.

When I got up this morning at 0740 (again!) the sun was just coming up over the clouds in the east. Blue skies, no rain, no wind. But it sure was chilly! I put the slide out and turned on the fireplace.

Since we basically snacked instead of having dinner I had a mess in the kitchen. Jim was up just before 0800 and he turned on the furnace. Breakfast was oatmeal. The kitchen is back to normal with the dishes done. I've made the bed and a load of laundry is almost done washing.

With a lot of luck this blog will post!