Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday at home

Last night we had plans for dinner at Antonio's. There was live entertainment that sounded interesting so Jim made reservations for1900. The restaurant is across the street from Our Lady of Guadalupe and as we arrived Mass was letting out. A lot of foot traffic and cars everywhere! But we found a parking spot and walked to the restaurant.

We only took one picture of the patio where we sat. The arch is the entrance. I think the building was someones home in the past. We both had a glass of sangria and shared chips, salsa and guacamole. Jim ordered Mexican Paella and I had Barbacoa de Borrego. I swear the plates were 16 inches! I could not eat all the food on my dish. So I brought at least two thirds of it home. We also brought the chips, salsa and guacamole home. For dessert we shared a flan that had raspberry sauce.

While we were dining the rain started coming down. We were under cover and most of the diners under the umbrellas were dry, but the wait staff had to dash in and out of the rain. Fortunately the rain wasn't heavy and didn't last long. But it sure got chilly! We were happy to get into the truck just so we could warm up. :)

Our drive home didn't take long but it was dark and Jim reminded me once again that he doesn't like to drive after sunset.

This morning I woke up to the patter on rain on the roof. I didn't know it was going to rain. But no matter, we weren't going anywhere. It was quite chilly and when Jim got up he turned on the furnace. I also baked some French toast for breakfast which warmed us up and made the house smell good.

Neither one of us wanted to go outside because it was damp, rainy and cold. So I did some laundry using up all the detergent. Jim brought in some rags to wash! So we made a run to the grocery store. But first we headed to a farmers market where I bought some herbs and sedums. I plan on putting the sedums in my cactus pot because it has an empty spot.

We had lunch and dinner just eating out of the refrigerator. All those leftovers need to be eaten! The afternoon did warm up a bit and Jim got in a game of golf but came in when he got chilled.

Our sunset was pretty
We've been watching TV and I enjoyed Design Star. Now we're thinking of going to bed...