Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Preparing to leave

We stayed home yesterday. I was up at 0730 and enjoyed my coffee before Jim got up about an hour later. We both did our normal breakfast and email/blogs reading. After breakfast Jim headed outside to clean the truck and stow outside items.

I made the bed, did the dishes and a load of laundry. I also put a few things away. Mostly we took it easy. Jim's back/hip is giving him problems and he was just taking it slow and easy.

I watched all of my soaps, first time in days I've gotten to see all of them. I made a peach cobbler for our dessert tonight

I know some of you want to hear about this campground. Santa Fe Skies is nice. Located where it is, we have sun on the street side of the rig all day so the blinds stayed shut 90 percent of the time to keep out the sun and heat. They don't charge for electricity so that is a plus. Staff is friendly and helpful. There is a clubhouse and outdoor patio area for entertaining. No pool and I don't recall seeing any playground equipment. All the sites are gravel and fairly level. Some have paved patios and I think all will be this way eventually. Right now they charge extra for the patios. I think the land was purchased from a ranch and as they cleared the land for the campground they came across farm equipment and you can see it all in a clearing. Interesting if you're into machinery.

I think I mentioned in an earlier blog that you could see I-25. You can also see Highway 14 and from both of these roads you can barely hear the hum of traffic in the mornings.

Did anyone see the new Dr Oz show? I caught it on a Fox channel in early afternoon. It's a daily show. It was interesting and I look forward to seeing more.

We had bison hot dogs for dinner along with slaw, succotash and pickles. Then we tried the cobbler, could have used more peaches. I did dinner dishes and the rest of the evening was quiet. We took Boo for a walk and enjoyed a beautiful sunset. No, I didn't have my camera so no pictures.

I know we watched Top Gear on TV but I don't recall what else....I think we had it on the USA channel. We also watched some of the Tennis match before switching to Top Gear.

Today we are moving on in our journey to Texas...