Monday, August 31, 2009

Last Day at Mountaindale

As I was waking up this morning I realized today was our last day eyes popped right open and there was no chance of snoozing....

It was chilly inside and I turned on the fireplace before feeding the birds. When I checked it was 49 degrees outside! Back inside I fixed my coffee and before long I was warm and toasty. By the time Jim got up it was really warm inside....I love my fireplace.

We had plans to have lunch with our friends at Macaroni Grill so I didn't do much before we left. Jim Cleaned the truck and did a couple outside chores before he came in and shaved, then dressed. I was ready by 1030 and so was he. We were going alone so we could make some stops on the way home.

The plan was to leave at 1100 and soon our friends Ed and Marilyn were outside. We will miss you my friends. :(

Our last drive into the city was bittersweet, I love this area!

I think the fires in California are causing this haze. There were very few clouds.

I will miss 'my' mountains..

Soon we were at our destination. Marilyn and Ed took Doug and Joann. Carl and Linda brought Leslie and Mike

Ed and Marilyn

Leslie and Mike

Doug and Joann

Linda and Carl
We had a good time and some good food! We went through several loaves of bread, a couple of us got salads. I brought home half of my pasta. We all went separate ways when we left the restaurant.
We stopped at the Safeway shopping center so Jim could get fuel and I picked up some groceries. Then we headed to the base. We had a couple dings in the windshield that we had repaired while I went into the PX. I managed to find a magazine and a muffin tin to buy. then we headed to the post office and I was in line for a long time.....We forgot it's payday for the military....once we left the post office we decided to skip the commissary....the parking lot was full!
Once home we changed and Jim got busy stowing some outside items and playing golf. He was going to take up our patio mat but one leg of the rig is sitting on it. The wind started picking up and before you know it we had a doozy of a hail storm!

hail on the patio mat. no damage to the awning this time!

This is the snow/hail on Ed's Truck....we could have had a snowball fight!
After the storm we went outside and for about an hour it was quite nice. The sun came out and we took down the bird feeding station and Jim washed the feeders and cleaned up the bits and pieces.

I had to rescue my plants....I didn't go out during the storm to bring them in to safety.

Apparently while we were out and about today the deer came by and enjoyed some parsley and basil for lunch.

and this pot was just looking pretty good from the last time they munched on it!

For dessert they ate more from my cactus pot......
All ten of sat around the fire pit next door for awhile. For some reason a cloud blocked the sun and made it cool off real quick! I was the first to leave just before 1800. I came in and made myself some coffee and warmed up. It wasn't to much later when the groups split up and headed to their respective homes.
Jim did a few more 'leaving' chores before calling it quits for the night. We've showered and for dinner we had some popcorn, thanks for the idea Marilyn!
We've enjoyed our stay here at Mountaindale and we'll miss our friends. Some of them we'll see soon at the rally. Others we'll see in the RGV this winter...
Good Bye my friends!