Monday, August 31, 2009

Misty Cool Day

Yesterday I was up at 0630! Something disturbed Boo and once he woke us I wasn't able to go back to sleep. I guess I needed to be up so I could see and enjoy the heavy mist that lay over the campground. It was also a wee bit chilly so I turned on the fireplace. I put out the bird feeders and noticed that the birds were slow to arrive. Usually I can't get them up fast enough. I guess migration has started for some. I have noticed chickadees which haven't been here all along. I think I saw a tufted titmouse and we've seen more of the nuthatch. Grosbeaks are still here.

I didn't spend much time outdoors! My walk to the office to get a newspaper was my longest stretch outside until happy hour...

I don't recall working much. I watched TV and read some magazines so I could pass them on to Marilyn. I watched most of Goldfinger then Casino Royale came on and we watched some of that. One of the nice things about watching movies you've already seen, it doesn't matter if you miss any of it!

When I took Boo out for a walk the sun was out and it had warmed up! Jim immediately started playing golf. It was about this time that Joann and Doug arrived. Ed was leading them up the hill, apparently they missed the turn (just like everyone else!). They are in the site right next to us. We've been following their travels since last summer, It was nice to finally meet them. We invited them to happy hour and left them to set up. Fillmore was happy to be out of the truck!

Around 1600 we joined Marilyn and Ed around the fire pit and shortly thereafter Joann and Doug arrived. We made plans to have lunch with them on Monday. While we were chatting the weather kept getting colder. Less than an hour had passed when we all decided to head indoors.

Joann with her lovely smile
Fillmore must have loved sitting on the rocks! Doug was just relaxing after the interstate drive from the Denver area.
Right after we got inside the rain started so I guess ending happy hour early was a good thing! We had fish and chips for dinner. Having the oven on took the chill out and I do mean chill! The rain brought the temperature down into the 50's before we went to bed.
This morning the air is crisp, at 0630 it was 49 degrees. All the trees and bushes are sparkly from the rain and it's absolutely beautiful outside. Inside I have the fireplace going.....Life is good!