Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Time for a haircut

Yesterday morning, just as I was settling down to drink my coffee and read emails I heard a thump on the dining room window. Sure enough another bird had flown into it. This time a little wren. I grabbed a cloth and my coffee and sat with this tiny wonder in my hand until she recovered enough to fly off. She hung around long enough for me to snap a picture

I've noticed that there are fewer hummingbirds. My feeders aren't being drained daily. It looks like the Rufus and Calliope have left the area as I haven't seen any for days.

Marilyn and I both have been talking about getting our hair cut. Well after I walked my mail down I decided today was the day! I stopped by and asked if she wanted to go and before you know it we were on our way.

We decided to have lunch at the China Wok (everyone likes it!)
Our drive was under cloudy skies and some of our favorite peaks were shrouded in clouds.

We stopped first at the salon to see when we could get in. Two ladies were doing absolutely nothing so we were seated asap! The guys wandered over to Blockbuster and before you know it we gals had lost some weight with our golden locks shorn.
We gathered the guys and went to the China Wok. The Drays each had the Mongolian Beef, I had a pork dish and Jim had a special that included cashews. It's good food and it's very reasonably priced. I ended up bringing half of mine home.
Lunch over, we rounded the corner and picked up some groceries at Safeway. We then returned to Mountaindale RV resort where the clouds followed us

I was home in time to watch all my soaps. The guys played some golf. Just around 1530 or so Jim came home and we had some tea and carrot cake. My goodness was the cake sweet! Full of nasty raisins too...but it was yummy. I can only hope the green tea counter acted the calories in the cake!
Shortly after 1600 we joined Marilyn, Ed and Carl for happy hour. It was a bit chilly but pleasant. Carl's wife, Linda joined us and we all sat around for about an hour chatting and laughing. Boo was getting antsy so I left to feed him and shortly thereafter the rest of the group broke up and headed inside.
As Jim was putting away the chairs he said we have company....The deer came by for dinner

The doe likes to slurp the seed out of the feeder and I guess it makes her thirsty

Here she is having a long satisfying drink

Only one fawn this time but you can see her spots are fading and it looks like shes beginning to get her winter coat. Jim took the pictures....
We didn't have dinner, Just bread with dipping oil and some olives. Jim had some ice cream too! A storm rolled over us but didn't drop much rain. But it did interfere with the internet. Every time I tried to upload pictures the signal would drop I gave up
It was quite chilly when we headed to bed so we slept under the comforter....real cosy....