Saturday, August 29, 2009

Full day that ends with friends

Today was 'strip the bed' day. First thing this morning I put a pot roast with all the trimmings in the crock pot so it would be ready for our dinner later with our friends. then I settled in to drink my coffee and read emails.

After breakfast Jim and I both got busy. I did the dishes and tidied up the kitchen then I stripped the bed and started washing sheets. I heard Jim with the compressor, he put air in all the tires. Not sure if he did anything else besides play golf. I rather like this slow and easy way of getting ready to leave!

I was watching the Food channel and since it was a nice morning I decided to get some ironing done. Even Jim got in on it by ironing his shorts. I hate cargo pants!

Spent some time playing games on the computer this afternoon. Only had a little time to kill before we had to leave around 1630 to join our friends in the clubhouse for dinner and a movie.

Ed drove because we just had to much stuff to carry. I took pot roast and some herbal tea. Marilyn and Ed brought some spicy soup, and bread. Linda and Carl brought grilled pork loin, salad and a corn dish. Leslie and Mike brought a squash dish, bread and dessert, a chocolate cake! I'm sure there something I forgot. Some brought wine. It was a great meal!

While we ate our dessert we watched a movie, Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase. There is a big screen for viewing movies and a lot of sofas and cushy chairs. Jim and I hadn't seen it and I must say it was funny. We all enjoyed watching it, apparently the others have seen it several times!

Once the movie was over we all headed home. Boo was especially happy to see us because he was hungry! I got the food put away and did the dishes while Jim walked Boo. then I jumped in the shower.....I like sitting around in my pajamas!

The sun has set and as I started writing this blog I heard thunder. We now have rain so we've closed up the house and turned on the ac.

As I said, it was a full day.