Monday, August 10, 2009

Guess who came for breakfast...

When I got up this morning it was overcast and a wee bit cool. All the birds were waiting for me to set out the feeders. It really amuses me that the hummingbirds buzz me as I put out their feeders. The little finches are usually waiting for me near their feeder and the grosbeaks show up before I head back inside. It's a pleasant way to begin my day!

Jim got up just before 0800 and he alerted me to an unexpected guest! A doe decided the bird feeder was for her and she emptied out the one feeder! The following pictures are of this lovely creature

She's a good size doe and our feeders are set high. But that didn't deter her....

Jim and I both took pictures, probably a couple dozen or more....

After she ate her fill at the feeder she wandered behind our rig and started munching on the greenery on the hill behind us

She never did find the corn I had out about 20 feet or so from where she was. I hope all the pictures didn't bore you. I think it's really cool to have wildlife in my yard....
After breakfast and chores we headed to Fort Carson for some groceries. The ride was very pleasant with the cool temperatures. Cheyenne Mountain was shrouded in clouds. Couldn't see the top. I love to see the dark patches on the mountains when the clouds move over them.
I wonder, do the people who live here even see the patterns of light and dark that the clouds make? Do they even wonder at the sight of the mountains? What about Pikes Peak, do they even notice it's there? I don't think I'll ever tire of seeing the mountains!
We brought a pizza home for lunch and once the groceries were put away and the pizza consumed it was time for my soaps and Jim had a play date with Ed. Those guys are having way to much fun playing golf. But at least we ladies know where our menfolk are! LOL
After golf it was time for happy hour. A light breeze and comfortable temperatures makes it wonderful to sit outside and enjoy the company of friends. We are apparently in the path of the hummingbirds because we are constantly being buzzed by them. The flashes of these little birds is very enjoyable and highly entertaining.
We didn't do anything for dinner just a couple sandwiches. We watched Visions of Scotland and that was a treat.
The temperature has dropped into the upper 60's and I think before morning it will drop another ten degrees or so. Great for sleeping!