Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lazy Sunday

While I was posting the blog this morning Jim joined Marilyn and Ed next door as they were having coffee. I finished the blog entry and made myself some breakfast and noticed Jim was playing/watching Ed play. Marilyn had gone indoors.

I had my breakfast, dressed and walked down to the office to get a newspaper and pick up yesterdays mail. Two movies from Netflix! Supersize Me and War of the Worlds. Jim was still next door when I returned.

I did dishes and made the bed. Jim returned and had a bowl of cereal and went outside to do his chores and play golf/tennis...whatever. Not sure when he came in but it was getting hot and I had the ac running.

I read and watched TV most of the afternoon. Once Ed and Marilyn returned from lunch Jim was back outside playing games with Ed. Around 1600 I figured I'd ignored Jim long enough and I guess their game was over because Jim was coming home. We sat outside for a bit when Marilyn came out and invited us over.

So we sat and talked around the campfire pit. We always enjoy our time with these good friends. Soon It was time for dinner. Boo was getting antsy and Ed had started his grill. Once home dinner was fixed asap and we enjoyed our pasta and salad with wine. the dishes are done and I still need to shower and bring in the feeders

Jim has showered and has fallen asleep and it's not even 2200!

Not the most exciting day.....