Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back to Normal

After yesterday's glorious outing, today was rather mundane. I did laundry, Jim cleaned up the truck and we went shopping.

I'm including some nature pictures today. It's very difficult to get good pictures of the finches we have here.

Jim took this picture of an American Goldfinch and our resident fox below.
Apparently the fox is used to people and doesn't run when approached.

Marilyn was hard at work doing her laundry too! As I walked around the campground I found these pretty flowers! Some of the residents have plants and decorations around their rigs.

I'm not sure what kind of flowers they are but they sure are pretty!

not the greatest picture but you can see a couple of tiny birds on the platform feeder.

There's my honey getting his chores done so he can go play golf with Ed. He almost missed lunch they were having so much fun.
After Jim had some lunch we went shopping. First stop was getting a TV at Walmart along with some bird seed. Next stop was Whole Foods Market, probably my last trip there before we leave the area. Our last stop was the PX at Fort Carson. There we picked up the Wii game system, an extra controller and the Tiger Woods Golf game. Oh we also got some ink for the printer. We barely made it home in time for happy hour! :)
The fence outside the front gate of Fort Carson is decorated with welcome home signs. Apparently a rotation of soldiers is coming home! I'm sure the families are happy.
We sat outside for about an hour with Marilyn and Ed. then it was time for everyone to have some dinner. For dinner we had the pot of pea soup I made and rustic Italian bread I bought at Whole Foods Market. Jim ate his outside while he put together his new game system. I saw him swinging his arm so I assume he has it up and running.
While he was putzing around putting it all together I was able to watch Iron Chef America, two episodes! Did you know the Chairman will be on Dancing with the Stars? that should be fun to see LOL
Almost time for's cooling off nicely, about 65 degrees outside. The past few nights we've slept with windows open and the comforter keeping us warm and cosy.