Monday, August 17, 2009

laundry and shopping

Yesterday I did laundry...Stripped the bed and just did laundry all day. Jim watched golf and I read a book.

Today I thought it would be a good day to to drive up to Pikes Peak. But will be better Wednesday. Jim did the morning dishes. We sat outdoors with Ed and Marilyn until Lunch time. After lunch we went shopping.

Stopped at Bed, bath and beyond. Bought some storage containers and an outdoor tablecloth. Then then the health store and then the base. Dinner was chicken and a barley risotto

We had plans for happy hour at 1800. Three couples, Marilyn and Ed, Jim and I and Linda and Carl. I started with tea and lemoncello. Jim had a beer. We both had some wine. Then I had a gin and tonic and Jim had my wine.

It kept raining on us!
Jim got our umbrella and life is good! Boo slept most of the time on my lap

Carl and Linda went home, Ed drove them, it was sprinkling quite nicely. But we continued to sit outside.........The fire was good and Boo was comfy

Ed making us a gin and tonic.
We came in just before 2100....The evening was perfect...except for the sprinkles....Good fire, good friends. what more do you need?
Earlier today I helped a stunned hummingbird. she hit the front of the Drays rig and I just held her until she recovered and flew off. you can see pictures here:
Marilyn took some pictures
We're watching Top Gear and I'm sure we"ll be heading to bed soon!