Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lovely, Lazy Days

Yesterday we did as little as possible. We had a nice breezy day and we both spent time outdoors.

This was my view as I sat outside reading my book....
Boo likes laying in the sunshine.
I watched my soaps and made some chicken a la king for our dinner. We sat out with the Dray's for happy hour and I've got to say that weather wise it was perfect. Once inside Jim and I ate our dinner then Jim went back outside to clean the truck for our trip into Old Colorado City.
We spent the evening watching TV and I finished reading my book, Pillars of the Earth. Good read!
This morning we just did our normal morning chores and dressed for lunch at Jorge's. It's fairly good Mexican restaurant in Old Colorado City. We like it for the margaritas!

As we arrived at Jorge's we noticed all these VW's driving through town, I was only able to get a couple shots.

Some old, some new, some really funky!

Once inside the restaurant we ordered our drinks. Margaritas for everyone! We sat right up front with a window on the sidewalk. Marilyn and I were making comments on the passersby. I'm not sure what started the conversation, but we ended up laughing at some innuendos and risque comments! It happens almost every time we have margaritas at Jorge's!

Marilyn and I we're really laughing hard....tears even....

My lunch of shrimp ceviche, Ed also had this dish. Marilyn and Jim ordered Huevos Rancheros. Everyone cleaned up their dishes except me. I didn't eat all my rice or the tostadas. there was also a basket of chips served with some spicy salsa!
Around the corner in the restaurant these ladies were enjoying lunch. Of course the guys noticed them so I took this picture as they left.

Once we left the restaurant we walked down to the Farmer's Market. We didn't stroll all the booths but we did stop to buy some veggies. Cucumbers, onions, carrots, corn on the cob. Marilyn bought an ice plant for her coffee cup planter.
Once home Jim and I both laid down for a snooze. He had the bed and I had the lounger. Around 1500 Ed came by to get Jim for the ice cream social. Then I got the bed!
No dinner.....I had a scone, later some popcorn. Jim had a scone and later some peanut butter and crackers.