Thursday, August 6, 2009

Abbey pictures and rain damage

I forgot I took some photos of the Holy Cross Abbey yesterday. It's quite lovely and architecturally it has a lot of details. It does not have stained glass windows which I found odd...

The rain storm we had last night was a doozy! We knew we'd had a lot of rain, but didn't realize how much until we saw the damage this morning. We're on a hillside and they're improving the sites but work continues on shoring up the levels.

The rain last night tried to wash away the hillside! Both sides of our site has some deep gullies

That's our rig on the right, this gully is between our site and the Dray's

That tire is ours! Jim backed the truck up several feet....

more of the same washout

This is the end of it. I had other pictures but the shadows didn't help with clarity.
Once Jim was out of bed this morning I started washing the sheets. After three load of laundry I quit. I had leftover salad from Chili's for lunch. It was still tasty.
Jim helped Ed with his hitch and putting drains on his gutters. Then they played golf. Everyday they start earlier. Hmmmm do you think they're addicted to the game? LOL
I watch my soaps and baked some scones. Around 1600 we all gathered outside for happy hour. The guys had a head start, they were eating peanuts and drinking beer. Marilyn had a glass of wine and I had water.
The rain started just before 1700 so we all headed indoors. Jim had his Chili's leftovers for dinner, quesadillas with a scone for dessert.
The sun is back out and our day is ending.