Thursday, August 27, 2009

Leslie and Mike

Another glorious night for sleeping! I recon the temperature was in the mid 50's during the night and I slept great. Of course getting out of bed is chilly but I turned on the fireplace and it was cosy in no time.

A doe and her fawn came by for breakfast but they were to early. Once they left the area I put out the feeders and arranged my plants on the table.

Back inside I fixed my coffee and enjoyed some email time before Jim got up. We had plans with friends for lunch so we didn't linger long over breakfast. Matter of fact I don't think Jim had any, just his coffee.

Jim spent some time cleaning the truck up for our drive into Old Colorado City. I did dishes, made the bed and got dressed. Back inside Jim needed to shave and change clothes and we were ready to leave just before 1030. Linda and Carl were already here and waiting with Marilyn and Ed. All three couples were driving. But first we had to stop and pick up Leslie and Mike, they were riding with Marilyn and Ed.

Once all the introductions were done we all piled into our respective rigs and drove into the city. Jorge's was the destination. The drive was beautiful, the rain from the past two days was gone.

Carl was following us and got stopped at the red light so we pulled over for him to catch up and I was able to snap a couple picture of the welcome home signs on the fence at Fort Carson.
It warms my heart to see the signs!

No rain in those clouds!

We pulled into our favorite parking lot and found all kinds of spaces to park in. I spotted this Datsun Fairlady next door and had to take a peek.

The sign in the window says its 'show condition' and it looked real good to me.

We walked with Linda and Carl to the restaurant and got seating for us. Since there were eight of us we sat in the back room of Jorge's. We had ordered our drinks and the rest of the party showed up. And I do mean party!

Mike and Leslie

Linda and Carl

Ed and Marilyn
We had a blast! The margaritas are potent, but I think we'd have just as much fun without them. We had good food and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

Mike, Jim, Ed and Carl
Afterwards we headed to The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, I think it's Jim's favorite store, he always buys us some treats. It was here that Linda and Carl left us. The rest of us went to Manitou Springs to pick up some wine.
That's when we split with the other two couples and headed home. Boo was glad to see us. We changed clothes and Jim claimed the bed. I turned on my soaps and lounged the afternoon away.
The eight of us met at the Drays around 1600 and the fun continued...a couple hours later and the party was over. We all headed home while Marilyn and Ed went to the office to call their daughter.
No dinner, but Jim did have a bowl of ice cream and I'm just now thinking about getting bite to eat. It's cooling off nicely and I'm sure I'll sleep good tonight!