Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Guess who came for dinner!

It was a lovely day here at Mountaindale RV resort. we didn't do much of anything all day!

I did my normal chores of dishes and bed making. Jim dusted the truck off. After lunch we went to Camping World and picked up some awning tape. Then we stopped on base to pick up some hardware items Jim needed. He's going to paint the outside dryer vent. It looks terrible!

Back home I watched my soaps and Jim played golf with Ed on the Wii. I made some pico de gallo for happy hour and we joined Marilyn and Ed outside for a cold drink. Ed brought out his peanuts. So we snacked and had a good time.

We really weren't hungry for a big dinner so we had a bowl of pinto beans and bread for dinner. Filled me up! The dishes are done and we watched Leverage. Then I showered and after I was cleaned up we headed outside to take down the feeders. This doe showed up to help us empty the feeders! She had two fawns that stayed on the road at the base of the hill. I tried to take pictures but I couldn't get close enough and as you can see the lighting wasn't all that great.

Boo did not like her in his yard! Jim held him for a bit while I was out with the doe. Then I just closed the door but I could still hear Boo
Today's weather was super and we have the windows open