Monday, August 24, 2009

getting potted!

I guess all Jim needed was a nap last night. To much golf would be my guess.... We watched TV, played games on our puters and went to bed shortly after 2200.

This morning I was up just before 0700 and I set out the feeders. It was cloudy but the temperature was nice, 65 or thereabouts. So I opened the door. Jim got up about an hour later. It looked like a rainy day.

After breakfast we both had chores to do. But first I had to document the re-potting of the Pony Tailed Palm!

Marilyn taking said palm out of pot, scoring the roots with a knife. See the new pot? it's a wee bit bigger....wonder home much the palm will grow?

Knocking off some of the old soil

borrowing some rocks for the well....

It takes two to place the palm into the new pot....they like to share the joy

Marilyn tucking it's hoping the Pony Tail Palm enjoys the new pot!
Back home I did my chores of dishes, bed making and laundry. Jim had the fun job of cleaning the loo and dumping the black tank. He then joined Ed in a round of golf.
For lunch I fixed us some ham paninis, which is just a fancy name for grilled sandwiches. They were tasty and I enjoyed having lunch with Jim. After lunch I did the dishes and did some ironing while I watched my soaps. Jim played golf and soon Ed joined him.
I also made some risotto with peas and mushrooms, but I didn't like it. Around 1600 we went outside to sit with Marilyn and Ed for bit. No matter what we discuss we always end up laughing....good for the soul.
For dinner we had small steaks, salad, olive antipasto and pickled beets. Jim, bless his heart had some of the risotto....
The dishes are done and I've showered. Top Gear just ended and now Jim is going to shower.
Our day was mostly overcast but we didn't have rain....