Friday, August 21, 2009

Awesome Day!

We were up early this morning due to some barking dogs that sounded like they were right under the bedroom window. Boo was not happy! :) I got up and went outside to feed the birds and while I was out, Jim got up....that was real early for him!

Back inside we had our coffee and breakfast. Then Jim headed outside to do his chores and play with the Wii. I did my indoor chores. I had some things to mail so I headed down to the mailbox and took this picture near the entrance of the campground.

With all the deer that wander through here it's a wonder any plants get to grow here. Even the chipmunks keep my plants trimmed.

Once I got back to the rig I gave Boo a bath. He tolerates it quite well, but he sure looks pitiful...

I watched my soaps while Jim stayed outside, I think he cleaned on the truck a bit during his playtime on the Wii. After Ed returned from his outing the guys played more golf next door.

I was reading when I noticed a deer on the hill behind us. I kept on eye on it and it was a fawn. When I lost sight of her after an hour or so I went outside to see if she had wandered off. I walked passed her once when I returned I woke her up. She started munching on some greenery. I told the guys and Ed told Marilyn. She came out and we both tried to get pictures but the fawn stayed in the shadows, then bounded off. A few minutes later mom came out! I lured her onto the road with some dried corn.

I'm almost sure she'd eat out of my hand but I rather like my hand! After a few bites of corn she headed towards the bird feeder. I headed her off and stood between her and the feeder.

Then I felt bad so I got her some seeds to munch on. Marilyn said she probably wanted a drink of water after eating that dried corn!

She still wanted to get to the feeders so I chased her away. BUT once I went inside she came back and Jim had to chase her off. I then took the feeder down. I guess she took the hint and left.
We sat outside with the Drays for about an hour. They have more shade from the trees than we do and it's a challenge to stay in the shade. Musical chairs happens daily.
Shady Lady Marilyn in her patch of shade.

Here's a shot of Boo, as you can see he needs a trim but at least he's clean!
For dinner Jim grilled salmon and I fixed a spinach salad and corn on the cob. While I washed the dishes Jim played on the Wii and tidied up the patio and grill. As I was doing the dishes I could smell nasty cigar smoke so I closed up the house and turned on the AC. After Jim showered he dried the dishes and put them away... :)
The sun is setting and its time to take the feeders down