Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another gorgeous Day

Saturday was just gorgeous and we both got some chores done. I stripped the bed and started washing sheets. Jim played golf. I had some outgoing mail and walked it down to the mail box.

This picture shows the bark on one of the pine trees here. Have no idea it's name but the bark is interesting.

Once back home I continued doing laundry while Jim played golf and worked on the truck. I sat outside reading and had lunch outside also. Boo kept getting tangled in the chairs so we both went inside! I continued reading and doing laundry from the comfort of our lounger.

It finally got warm enough to turn on the AC and once Jim had his lunch he decided to join me indoors. We watched some TV, programs I liked. Jim couldn't find a movie....

Around 1600 we decided our happy hour could be spent at Borders with coffee and magazines. It was an hour well spent with my honey! On our drive home we decided to check out Cheyenne Mountain State Park, We paid the fee to drive around and enjoyed the drive. I think it has around 50 sites on several levels. maybe 10 sites in a loop. With Cheyenne Mountain to the West and Fort Carson to the East it does have some nice views.

As we were leaving the upper level we came across a flock of turkeys, they didn't care for our truck and I was only able to get a couple quick pictures

Sites 1-10 have this view to the east

On clear days it must be fabulous....I wonder though do they ever have clear days?

We also stopped at Turkey Creek Recreational area. This belongs to Fort Carson and we're not clear on all that's available. They do offer pony and horse rides. Looks to be a lot of trails. Plenty of buildings but we don't know their functions. Picnic areas etc.

We can now check these two areas off our to do list!
Once home I discovered one of my plants had been attacked! I'm sure it was the doe

The empty 'stick' on the left used to be a cascading succulent, now it's just a nubbin.... :( I'm hoping it will grow back
We had pea soup and Italian bread for dinner. We played games on the computers and watched TV. Last nights temperature only went down into the 60's and we slept with just the quilt.

I was up just before 0700 this morning and set out the feeders. I noticed the bird bath was empty which is unusual and Jim told me later that he saw a buck drinking out of during the night. While I was enjoying my coffee the doe and two fawns came by for breakfast! Boo didn't like that at all and while he barked I tried to convince her not to eat the bird seed.

I put out some corn and she's nibbling on that while the fawns decide whether or not to come up.

One fawn is braver than the other, isn't that the way it is with siblings?

Mom wandered over to the feeders so I ended up taking down one of the hanging feeders that she loves to empty. She's quite tame and doesn't really take notice of me. But the fawns can be skittish.

Nice family photo! I had to take in the cactus and herb pots. Mom wanted some greenery with breakfast. all in all it was an exciting start to my day!